A wide range of different fibers are available for needle-punching. A solid polyester in the range of 1.5 - 20 den is often used. Depending on process and final application, we can adjust key parameters of the fiber to meet your requirements. The parameters are cut length, crimp (CPI), elongation, tenacity, heat shrinkage, and finish type. The fibers are produced from recycled PET bottles We also offer flame retardant, dope dyed, and antibacterial fibers for needle-punching.


We have a number of fibers available for filling pillows, duvets, quilts, toys, and many other products. Several finishes are available such as Non silicone, silicon or slick (FR) (BS5852 part II compliant), to give the product a nice touch / feeling. The fibers are produced from recycled PET bottles.


A polyester fiber blended with a bico low melt, or chemical bond, is used to produce high loft wadding. The fiber used is normally a solid fiber. Depending on final application, some other fibers may be recommended such as, hollow or hollow conjugated. Finish type is very important as well. We base our recommendations on the final product and its end use.


For use as insulation, a polyester low melt bonder fiber is blended with other types of fibers. However, with a certain mix of hollow fibers, insulation, as well as resilience, can be improved. Usually, recycled polyester fibers are used.


Because firmness and good resilience is required for filling of cushions, we have special fibers made for cushion filling. Normally a coarse denier silicone, slick (FR) solid or hollow fiber is recommended. We have a number of fibers available for filling pillows. Several finishes are available such as silicon or slick (BS5852 part II compliant), to give the product a nice touch / feeling.


Usually, hollow conjugated fibers are used either as silicon or slick (BS5852 part II compliant). We offer fibers for ballfiber from 06-15 den.


For automotive applications, we are offering polyester fibers, in a number of dope dyed shades in the denier range of 3-15.


Wet laid non-woven fibers are made by a modified paper making process in which the fibers to be used are suspended in water. A major objective of wet-laid non-woven manufacturing is to produce structures with textile-fabric characteristics, primarily flexibility and strength, at speeds approaching those associated with paper making. Specialized paper machines are used to separate the water from the fibers to form a uniform sheet of material. The polyester fibers available from us are uncrimped straight fibers with a hydrophilic finish from 1.5 – 10 denier.


A number of polyester fibers usually solid made especially for geotextiles applications are available.

Filtration Industry

Normally 1.5 – 6 Dn fiber are used in filtration industry for various end use.

Spinning mills

For Ring/ open end / worsted and woolen spinning system, 1.5 dn and 3 dn solid PSF in various cut length is offered in semi dull, black and dope dyed colours.

Artificial Fur Fabrics

Normally 3-6 denier 25/32 mm high crimp solid fiber in white, black and dope dyed colour is used to make artificial fur fabrics for making soft toys, blankets, bags and fabrics.

Others Non Woven Applications

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